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‘Past Glories & Forgotten Stories’

The Tour

Carefully designed to allow world-curious, discerning travellers the opportunity to really experience the landscapes, history, people and places that make the Cotswolds unique, our ‘Hidden Cotswolds: Past Glories & Forgotten Stories’ experience is a Cotswolds Private Tour unlike any other. We take small groups of eight or fewer guests and travel deep into the hidden Cotswolds, away from over-run tourist honey-pots to places which really do evoke the Cotswolds you imagine.

Connect with the incredible story of England’s birth and explore a quiet, ancient town which was once at the heart of England’s history for over a 1000 years. Uncover the lives of kings, saints, writers and pioneers. Immerse yourself in the best of English hospitality as we enjoy coffee at The Old Bell Hotel, the oldest hotel in England (dating back to the 1200s), and lunch at a postcard-picture country pub, frequented by locals (and a few Royals!). Venture down tiny country roads to find yourself surrounded by stunning countryside and watched by wary sheep as we pass through sleepy villages, over hills and past ancient cottages. Enjoy tea in the romantic gardens of a grand country house. Explore forgotten villages and enjoy a short walk alongside a tinkling brook in the Cotswolds countryside, surrounded by the sounds of chirping birds, the gallop of horses and the bleating of sheep.

What’s Included

Everything is included in the tour price so our guests can spend their time immersed in the experience. Enjoy morning coffee or tea in England’s oldest hotel, a guided tour of several unique and special locations, told by a master storyteller and guide. A fabulous pre-booked lunch with a drink of your choice included, a visit to several charming, Cotswolds villages and we finish with a visit to the gardens of a grand country house surrounded by flowers in a 100-year-old greenhouse.

Join us on a journey into authentic, hidden England and experience much more than you could have imagined.

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£175 per person or £165 if booked through The Old Bell Hotel.


Unique tours – some guests have described them as ‘magical’

Around & About Bath began its journey in August 2016, when Jules Mittra, an avid traveller himself decided he wanted visitors to the region to see the England that he knows and loves. Jules is a former History and Politics lecturer with a passion for travel, history and people, and has travelled all over the world. Having returned from setting up schools in Zambia, he decided to leave teaching and combine his love of history, meeting people and travel. He is passionate about offering tour guests something different and special and providing one of the best travel experiences ever! Jules and his team’s tours are personalised, immersive experiences for world-curious, discerning travellers looking to connect with authentic, hidden England.

Each tour is a little like a work of art. Every aspect is carefully researched and designed to allow guests to connect with the history, stories, experiences, places and people which make England special. A collection of experiences which most visitors hope to find, but few actually encounter. Every part of every tour is designed to thrill and enthral, we deliberately don’t tell you everything about where go, what we do and what you’ll experience. The mystery and the discovery is part of the magic.

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